Twin Cities Running Club

A club for beginners and experienced runners alike


Whatever the goal you set for yourself, you can count on support from TCRC members and when you reach your goal we'll all celebrate with you! 


What sets apart the Twin Cities Running Club from many of the 2-dozen other Twin Cities metro-area running clubs?

Members say it is our openness to all runners of all abilities, including prospective runners just starting; everyone fits in -- including you!

Twin Cities Running Club members wholehearted support the goals of each of our club members -- whatever their goals might be. 

TWIN CITIES RUNNING CLUB WAS ESTABLISHED when running clubs still typically encouraged competition and catered to experienced, faster runners.  TCRC's founder envisioned a comprehensive running club with members that welcomed runners of all ages and abilities, designed to help your running - whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your health and fitness, an experienced racer looking to improve your race times, or anywhere in between. 


  • Run with a group!
  • Make new friends!
  • Prepare for events!
  • Improve their running!
  • Achieve faster race times!
  • Reach their personal running goals!
Some members joined TCRC because we were new in town and hoped to explore a variety of running routes -- we vary our routes year around. Many of our members came to Minnesota from other parts. We try to correctly pronounce everyone's name!!


Key Benefits Include:                                                                                    

- TCRC members and their family enjoy breakfast and conversation after a weekend morning run.

  • The WEEKLY DASH from our run coordinator reminds members of the location and day of the weekend run (we switch between Saturday and Sunday), recognizes member achievement, birthdays, and other club milestones.
  • Our weekday evening run starts at 6:30 p.m. and follows a course along the river then usually culminates in a gathering for easy conversation (brush up on your trivia) over tasty food and beverages.
  • The weekend long run allows members to work on distance goals, with water stops every few miles.  Not running long these days? no problem -- weekend runs include routes for shorter distances, too.  At the end, we wait for everyone to return, then gather for breakfast, coffee and lively conversation afterward.
  • TCRC shirts are provided to each new member so that we can spot you in your next running event.
In addition, members enjoy access to the Member-Only resources on this site, including:

- Member Directory
- Online Membership Renewal
- TCRC's Run & Event Calendar

- TCRC Channel - Member Discussion Board

MORE (Members' Other Resources):

Because our members enjoy and support each other, we reap benefits that go beyond the benefits of a TCRC membership:

Members Planned Excursions. Every year, members collectively attend running events in other cities and states; adventurous members are all welcome to participate (at their own expense.)

Affordable Training Advice. TCRC's member/founder, Dave Coyne, who offers personalized a training programs to help members prepare for an event or to improve their running fitness. Dave is a lifelong runner himself and he was a coach for the Twin Cities Leukemia Team in Training for several years. He  has coached beginner and novice runners to help them achieve their PR goals. 

"The thing is that Dave really focuses on the individual goal, and whatever goal you have is a good enough goal." - Jeanne Ritterson, 2017 President TCRC

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